My Opening Gambit


Hello old (and new!) friends. Welcome to my personal blog. I’ll be using this blog to explore all things related to development and building, while working on my writing to improve my ability to better structure my consciousness and thoughts.

This will include (but inevitably will not be limited to) areas on both the personal side and the professional side. This will cover areas that fascinate and consume me like personal and relationship development and character building but also professional topics I’m obsessed with usually related to property, property technology, investing, and where these meet the environment.

I’m an anthropologist in soul, an ecologist at heart and a capitalist in mind. It makes for an interesting and often difficult life, filled with seeming contradiction and challenge. I’ll also be exploring other areas that cover “triple bottom line” topics across people, planet and profit – a term coined by an old friend, the legendary John Elkington.

Currently I’m based about 30 minutes south of Lisbon, Portugal with my wife Kristina Katz where we’ve decided to ride out this current crisis with Coronavirus. Being removed from the city where we live London has given us the space and time to re-think a lot about how we and the world have been working, living and playing. I’ve been wanting to get back into writing and blogging for ages. Ever since disappearing from the United States in 2010 to Israel, I’ve harboured an ambition of becoming “a writer”. With a challenge from a friend to get back into it, this is my attempt to wade through some of these topics in a way where I can can get some feedback, take part in more conversations and get my constantly thinking brain outside of itself and down onto (digital) paper.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and bear with me as my stream of consciousness takes over. Even if you don’t enjoy it, I hope it at least stimulates some interesting debate.

As I see it, my purpose is connecting people & place to create a better planetary experience 🌍 so…let’s see how we go!


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