How to Decide Between Opportunities

How to Decide Between Opportunities

“Which of these opportunities should I go after?”

It’s a hard question. And one you will likely face a number of times across the course of your career. There are lots of factors that go into a decision like this, but the further I’ve got into my personal development journey, the more I’ve realised how to skip past some of the unnecessary details and get to the core truths to help you answer this question for yourself.

One of the reasons this question can feel so confusing is because you externalise this decision. If you’re anything like me, this will be one of the biggest distractions. For instance you’ll say, but can I really become a real estate fund executive? Or, there’s no way theatre makes sense for my career trajectory, does it? You’re thinking outside in. Once you spend more time understanding and feeling this decision inside out, the market or the specific opportunity isn’t the magnetic thing pulling you – instead who you are and who you want to become is what’s driving you in a certain direction. This opportunity either aligns or it doesn’t.

Here is my 6 step plan to help you get a better understanding and dare I say it, possibly even an answer, in 1 hour or less. Let’s get going!

  1. 10 Minutes – Read “Who Do You Want to Become?”
  2. 15 Minutes – Brain Storm with a pen or pencil on paper (this is important as it will get you into true “flow): Who You Want to Become
  3. 15 Minutes – Ask a loved one that knows you well how they see you, who they think you are, what your superpowers and greatest skills are and write notes as they speak or record it
  4. 5 Minutes – Re-write “Who You Want to Become” with this new input in mind
  5. 5 Minutes – Write in greater detail which parts of Who You Want to Become apply to this opportunity ie if you say “I want to be able to paint so well I could sell my paintings” you might say that you need to have a constant supply of high quality canvases on hand for when you’re feeling inspired, good quality acrylic paints, and a professional looking portfolio website
  6. 10 Minutes – Now focus on the opportunity. Write the specific aspects that this opportunity already has or would have to have in order to fit who you want to become.

You now should be able to have a much better, deeper, more intuitive understanding and emotional feeling about whether this opportunity is a fit for you.

Feel inside out rather than think outside in.

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