The Only Truth is Everything Changes

Modern Cat Furniture by INDOT

We closed on our home.

We now have 19 cats up from 10.

We just came out of quarantine.

We thought Kristina had COVID – turns out we both actually had salmonella.

Be careful what you eat, especially in warmer countries!! What a crazy time it’s been.

Tons has been going on in the world. The property markets are somehow booming in most markets. The equity markets have been doing incredibly. The US election is looming. COVID has continued to ravage the planet with countries all responding in different ways. There is no co-ordination amongst border controls, travel restrictions and lock downs.

It’s hard to know where things are but easy to sense something’s brewing.

I took a long sabbatical from writing publicly – which I did every Saturday morning for 10 weeks straight. I’m thinking about getting back into it but would love to hear any ideas about

  • how often should I write?
  • what could I write about that would create some value for you or for the world?
  • does it make sense to obsessively check wordpress analytics when you haven’t found a true north or purpose for your written meanderings?

Thanks for reading – I think I will try to end every post with 3 questions.


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