About me


My purpose is connecting people & place to create a better planetary experience 🌍

I’ve lived in the US, UK, Israel, Germany and Portugal. I married my wife Kristina Katz in August 2019 and have been exploring worlds with her for over a decade already.

I’m obsessed with the intersection of property and technology, and the impact on the planet and people – particularly regular people like you and me.

I’ve done pretty much everything you can imagine to almost every type of property and piece of land, from selling commercial buildings, to negotiating leases for tenants, to implementing SaaS software to measure environmental metrics for large portfolios, to putting together a team to build my vision of an eco-resort in Central America to save the rain forest, to developing software to help young renters pay and manage their bills.

I will be forever hanging out where people and place meet. I’m particularly passionate about making home a better experience for people from all walks of life and doing the same for the other creatures that inhabit our planet.

So – I love all things property, get it? Beyond this, I’m also fascinated by the human condition and over the past few years, have realised I’ve barely dipped into who I am as a person and why I am the way I am. So that’s the other sort of development I’m now deeply into.